Samay (2003) Bollywood Thriller Review

By   April 5, 2018

Samay may not be popular among commercial cinema’s followers; however those who watch such genres applaud the movie a lot. The movie hasn’t gotten a cult status, but it is still compliments thriller genre in Hindi cinema.


Samay tells a tale of serial murders that have a similar pattern where ACP Malvika Chauhan gets the charge of the case. However, the mysterious killings are not easy to dig even after having clues.

The story may sound like Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman featured Seven (1995), yes it was inspired by the movie but believe me it holds the originality on-screen.

Samay goes really intense, it makes you fully involved in what is going on the screen. It is among those movies that you can’t leave till watching the climax; you get fixed on the set. Robby Grewal has done an awesome job of directing and writing the screenplay.


I have witness many Bollywood thrillers whose cinematography gets disturbed, but that isn’t the case with Samay; it keeps darkness with it.

But one thing Bollywood can’t help with is having item numbers; there is one in this movie too.

The lead start cast, Sushmita Sen, Jackie Shroff and Sushant Singh have portrayed their role really well, especially Jackie Shroff, you can feel his character.


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